anonymous vs scientology – TV coverage

I’ve blogged plenty of times about Anonymous vs Scientology, I think its telling that the “mainstream media” are now getting onto the story – CNN ran a headline story (and interview) today, as did channel 9 in Oz

This weekend sees the 4th worldwide protest at Scientology organisations, I take my hats off to Anonymous for their persistence, with msm coverage their campaign can only grow.

Personally I’ve read a lot on both sides, to me it seems clear Scientology is a pretty evil group. I admire the Anonymous declaration that explains they are protesting the methods and practices of Scientology and not the religion itself. (Although to me the whole alien souls trapped in our bodys, should seem fair game to any sane person!)

Its telling that Anonymous feel they need to hide their identity at protests, as id’d critics of Scientology fall foul to a practice (documented in the Scientology books) called “fair game” – essential they aim to discredit any opposition by harassing them, throwing false allegations, issuing frivolous law suits, filing false complaints to the police and generally being dishonest.

I didn’t believe all this could be true, I LIVE by the moto of not believing anything on the internet tubes, sadly there really is just too much evidence (photos, video, text).

How does it end? Will scientology just implode? Hmmm…

May Xenu protect anyone protesting the cult this weekend.

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Scientology vs Anonymous pt4

First of all, don’t forget to show your support in taking down this evil money making corporation (it’s NOT a religion, it’s a sci-fi story / pyramid scheme) – sign the petitions against scientology.

The demonstrations to raise awareness kicked off in Australia and then were even bigger (epic win) in London today. See videos on youtube of the london raid.

I think it’s interesting how little UK media is covering this story, I guess because they’re scared of getting sued… the BBC had a run in and well, they must be nervous of running a story again – that is exactly the problem with scientology, it’s a big nasty litigious business, not a religion.

It’s best summed up by the banned south park episode – watch it.

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scientology vs anonymous part 3

scientology vs anonymous part 3

It continues… with a few casualties already (one anon arrested).. including allegedly Katie Holmes leaving Tom (early reports)… some reports suggest a CoS in Calgary, Canada has closed its doors due to the campaign…

Want to know what scientology is all about? I found this great animated gif. You need to click —more— below to show it at the end of this entry – and so that you can watch the whole thing from the start.

UK residents, or Ex-pats only – if you feel like supporting anonymous in a limited armchair kinda way, here are some petitions they have found that are running:

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scientology vs anonymous part 2

scientology vs anonymous part 2

A few websites went down (some still down), a couple of protests happened, some more videos went on youtube, a few news channels got on the story…

anonymous vs scientology

It’s kind of creepy, don’t you think? Like some bizarre film… an anonymous group with no leadership is taking on a money making cult that believes in an evil extra-terrestrial being called Xenu! I mean come on, you couldn’t make it up!!!

the next phase of the “war” has been declared as a series of peaceful protests on Feb 10th 2008 outside Scientology buildings around the world (inc 6 in the UK – not Poole).

If you were so inclined as to get involved, you may find information about the London meeting on the internets… …ahem (NSFW)…. Anonymous are encouraging all to join them in this protest…

i’m curious how many people will turn up globally and if the news networks run a story – seeing how they seem scared to do so, due to Scientologys litigious nature.

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